GUABA New Years Eve at Dionysus Mansion

With all the Christmas festivities coming not far from now the Guaba family could not miss the opportunity to have its crowd gathered together in celebrating and welcoming yet another year! This year we are updating and upgrading our NYE Guaba party starting from a special venue, Dionysus Mansion. From 12:30 Mr. Styles will be setting up the stage for welcoming the new year in an explosive manner, with Guaba DO taking over to kickstart 2018 in a unique style. Tickets will be available at €40 with Open Bar for the entire evening. Island bar reservation will also be available for groups of 6 Guabians and over. Join us and let's welcome 2018 in a way we know best!


The 12th season of Guaba has been completed and to all of us it was without a doubt the greatest season yet. In a season which was signed with high innovation our crowd and family had the pleasure of enjoying brand new concepts, events, artists and experiences with our initial target of setting the bar to a new high being succeeded. We would once again like to thank every single one of you for the unconditional love and support throughout this amazing journey. Guaba would be nothing without the best crowd in the world and we are forever grateful to you. Without losing even a single second the work for Guaba's 13th season has begun and what is about to