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Guaba Beach Bar Ranked 19 world Best Club DjMag 2017 and 3rd worlds Best Beach Bar DjMag 2017

PITCHED on the south coast of Cyprus as an alternative to the mainstream bar culture of its surroundings, Guaba is famous for its free parties on a Sunday afternoon overrun by mud-caked tanned bodies which run throughout the summer season.

Arguably one of the most debauched beach bars on the planet, the venue recently faced animosity from local residents who begrudge its evolution from a tiny kiosk during the '90s to a 5000-capacity club. Its continued growth in popularity is reflected in the poll with its 28-place climb, something no doubt generated by the venue's free and easy attitude in the face of the authority's determination to shut it down - and, of course, its taste for big-name DJs.

"Playing an extended set at Guaba as the sun comes down is honestly one of the best DJing experiences on the planet," said Gareth Emery. "Can't wait to return!"

Sunday 21th of April - Pre-Opening Sunday at Guaba

Sunday, 21 Apr 2019 10:00
This Sunday 21h Of April the last Pre- Opening Cel…

Markus Schulz

Sunday, 05 May 2019 10:00
Forged in the fires of Arizona’s seminal 90s rave …

Guy Mantzur & Henry Saiz

Sunday, 12 May 2019 10:00
Henry Saiz is an electronic music artist who trans…
till Sunday 21th of April - Pre-Opening Sunday at Guaba