Guaba Opening Fiesta 2020

Be part of our story…

It has been 14 years since we first launched Guaba, and what an adventure it has been! After a lot of hard work, dedication and love, we have grown stronger with each year, and I can now proudly say that this 14th season was the best yet. 

After a peaceful but busy winter, with hours spent in preparation for our summer season, the Guaba team was ready, more determined than ever, to find new ways to entertain you. Our goal: to give you the ultimate Guaba experience and make sure you have a better time than ever before, which is why this year we introduced a variety of new parties and events. Your response was all the reward we needed.

I am very grateful to all our fans, for their loyalty, energy and appreciation! You proved that Guabians are the most enthusiastic crowd in the whole world! All the love you give us is what we need to keep going, year after year. Your passion for Guaba is our fuel, it is what motivates us to perform better and keep this place alive, through good times and bad.

So many years have passed, but we have never forgotten what we are about. We continue to make it always about you: the fans. We have always stayed true to our roots, focusing on the people. At Guaba, we don’t discriminate and we don’t judge. We accept you for who you are, which is why you are always welcome to come at Guaba as you are . We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when you visit us…..But although we promote a laid back quality of life, we don’t promote laziness - we always work hard, to the highest standards and to offer you the highest quality of entertainment. We want to instill this same sense of work hard / play hard in the youth of today. Life is not only about relaxing and having fun. If we hadn’t worked so hard all these years, we wouldn’t have achieved such an impressive Guaba community. Our mission is to find the right balance, to feel happy, both at Guaba… and in life.

I am so pleased to see our fan base continuously growing, and that more and more people are feeling comfortable with us, ready to join our family. Because that is what Guaba is: a family. And we always put family first. We bring all kinds of people together, building a community where everyone feels included. Guaba offers a home away from home for both locals and travellers to Cyprus. These days, with people travelling more than ever before, there is more opportunity to expand the mind and better understand the Guaba concept. With true understanding and respect, we can all move forwards towards a better future.

The Guaba team offers respect to all, and that is what we expect in return. We hope everyone, including the authorities, can understand that Cyprus is not just about “golden” visas for foreigners, acquired through the purchase of unreasonably expensive luxury flats. We at Guaba do not want to sell our nation (and our souls) to wealthy foreigners. We want to invite foreigners to see what our community is all about, and join us if they wish. Greed and wealth is not on our agenda. From day one, we were not for sale, and nothing has changed since then. In fact, quite the opposite. We are here to stay - we have proved this - and we will not succumb to outside pressure. If anyone thinks that they can buy out Guaba and leave all our fans without a home, they need to think again.

Guaba takes care of our locals, first and foremost, and continues to focus on enriching our country …the right way. We believe in our island, and true Cypriot hospitality. Guaba is built on the foundations of this spirit, we will always encourage this, and teach it to future generations. We will always remain loyal to our expanding Guabian family, and welcome anyone to join us. 

Guaba is more than just an experience. It is a journey that will last for many years to come. It is a story of a lifetime, and I feel privileged and touched to be a part of it.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. I hope you will continue to be part of our story… and part of history!